"My headaches have got better...fewer and fewer everyday."

"I would recommend chiropractic treatment from Dr. Collis to anyone."

"His treatments have improved my health and well-being."

"He is a kind, friendly knowledgeable doctor, 

and I am so glad my husband recommended him."

"Dr Collis is good to work with. He is professional and gentle. he really knows his stuff."

"I wish I had started treatment sooner."

"I have more mobility in my jaw, and less headaches and TMJ pain."

"I have much more range of motion in my left arm."

"I've had no headaches/migraines since starting treatment."

"Very pleased and surprised at the speed of recovery."

"Total arm improvement. No more pain and strength has returned."

"I did not think that chiropractic could help my shoulder. Dr. Collis has been a great help."

"His patient and pleasant personality helped calm the nervousness I had about chiropractic. 

I have  recommended him to my coworkers."

"Treatment with Dr. Collis has improved my back's ability to perform daily tasks, 

and brought me back to regular activities."

"My tendon pain has totally reduced in my arm and shoulder."

"The discomfort in my back has almost been cured. I no longer have that severe back pain"

"From the first session with Dr. Collis, things have been great. 

He tells it like it is, and will answer any question you may have."

"I immediately felt a back feels great."

"Dr. Collis has helped me a great deal with movement and pain."

"Treatment on my feet has made a tremendous difference."

"I have no idea why I held off so long before getting treatment. 

I should have seen Dr. Collis much sooner."

"I'm pain-free and with regular check ups I continue to feel better."

"Eliminated have full recovery to my training schedule."

"My flexibility and strength have improved."

"Dr. Collis is a very kind and helpful doctor. He has a lot of knowledge."

 "I rarely get a headache now, and my jaw tightness has left."

"Dr. Collis is wonderful. He is very polite and I trust that I am safe with him. 

Everyone in his office is friendly and efficient."

"It improved my daily tasks, and brought me back to my regular activities."

"Dr. Collis has been my inspiration to keep pushing myself to get my back better."

"He has helped me so much with his treatment and professional skills."

"At first I was skeptical about treatment, but now I can honestly say 

that it was worth every penny."

"Dr. Collis has taken away my headaches, and has helped the pain in my lower back."

"The frequency and severity of my back pain has decreased."

"Dr. Collis is great. He's got a great touch."